Pictures to Paintings
Transforming your picture into an original oil painting
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"Mom and Me in '72"
Original oil painting by Val Rawlings
Photo taken at my best friend's wedding

From Pictures to Paintings

Austin artist Valerie Rawlings will create an original oil painting from your photo print or digital image. If you want to bring new life to a cherished photograph, let her paint you a beautiful portrait, landscape or still life. All artwork is customized to your specifications. You provide the photo (color or black-and-white) and select the size of painting you prefer. Val can even crop the image to capture just a portion of the photograph.

All Pictures to Paintings creations are original oils, hand painted on canvas or panels by artist Valerie Rawlings in Austin, Texas.  She is professionally trained in the artistic nuances of portraits, still life and landscapes; and is highly experienced in transforming photographic images to paintings in oil on canvas.

Portraits from Pictures

Valerie can create an individual or group portrait based on any picture or photo you provide. The cost of the paintings varies with the number of subjects and the size of the painting. Visit the portrait pricing page for more details.

Convert Pet Pictures to Pet Portraits

For a lasting high visual tribute to a favorite pet, Pictures to Paintings can give you a unique oil painted remembrance, based on the pet's photograph.  The painting will capture the spirit and love for this family member forever, in a painting on display in your home.

Landscape Painting from a Photo

If you'd like a lasting memory of a home, idyllic landscape, ocean view or special vacation scenery, let Austin artist Valerie Rawlings paint a brilliant oil landscape or seascape to capture and enhance this remembrance. In converting Pictures to Paintings, Valerie transforms the photo into an original work of art, in a realistic or impressionistic style to serve as a perfect reminder of that location and experience.

Still Life Pictures => Oil Paintings

Do you have a favorite photograph or picture of a sculpture, flower arrangement, bowl of fruit, room or objet d'art?  Val can bring this to life with an original oil painting. You'll be proud to have one of her custom paintings in your home or office; and they make wonderful personalized gifts!  Visit our online art gallery for more examples of how Valerie's  Pictures to Paintings artistry can turn photos into special high quality paintings of vacation scenes, business celebrations, family treasures or memories of your loved ones.